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Devin B. Terhune

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Devin2Devin B. Terhune

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Address: Dept of Experimental Psychology
South Parks Road
Oxford, OX1 3UD
Phone:    (01865) 271381
Fax:       (01865) 310447
Email: Devin.Terhune <at>

I recently completed my Ph.D. in the Department of Psychology of Lund University in Lund, Sweden. My dissertation research fell within the broad domain of the cognitive neuroscience of attention and hypnosis and concerned heterogeneity among highly suggestible participants. For this research I used latent variable modeling, a variety of behavioral tasks, and both resting EEG and event-related brain potentials (ERPs). The Cogito Foundation provides the support for my fellowship in Dr. Roi Cohen Kadosh’s laboratory.

My principal research interests are the cognitive neuroscience of hypnosis and synaesthesia. I am concerned both with the core mechanisms underlying hypnotic responses as well as the instrumental use of hypnotic suggestion for the study of behavioural, cognitive, and perceptual phenomena. My research on synaesthesia concerns its neural basis, its impact on cognitive functions, and the relationship between different forms of synaesthesia. In addition, I maintain a strong interest in cognitive control and consciousness. My research in the Cohen Kadosh laboratory will involve using hypnotic suggestion to study the neural basis of induced (‘virtual’) synaesthesia and congenital synaesthesia. This research will use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).